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  • Our lucidity returned and we realised we were not alone. From behind the shelves at the bottom of the steps we heard others arriving to ascend the steps. We were not un-discoverable and a keen eye could see us from the street. Perhaps they already had? I grabbed her arm and we rushed onto a nearby dirt track that ran behind a row of thatch roofed shops selling trinkets and cans of coke. After 15 metres the track spilt in two and we took the path headed up the hill into the dry and dusty wood that covered the site.

    hot nude ass After 50 metres we came across an out house that accompanied a water tank. Only the hum from the generator told us that the place was still used. We were alone. My dick was throbbing hard and I needed satisfaction. I took her hot women naked shoulders and pushed her to her knees. I motioned for her to undo my belt and trousers. My cock strained against the fabric. My trousers fell and all that remained were my boxer shorts. They were tight fitting and white. There was a large patch of pre-cum visible.

    She began to pull down the shorts. My erect cock was held downwards like a coiled spring waiting for the last bit of fabric to pass over the tip and release it. I pulled her head to one side of my cock, flush against my thigh and facing the still unreleased dick. From that perspective my cock finally sprung loose like a Jack-in-a-box. Again her intake of breath was audible. I did not have to move her to action. She began kissing the base of my shaft.

    She did not know precisely what to do but she had clearly taken inspiration from the enthusiastic way I had eaten her out minutes before. She started gently enough but when I pulled my dick flush against my belly, exposing my balls, she went pretty hard for a first timer. I flinched but she didn't care and began greedily licking, sucking and pulling on my balls. I used two fingers to squeeze the pre cum building inside my dick up and along the shaft and out of the head.

    Enough had built up now that a couple of drops fell from the tip and onto my partner's chin in long, stringy gloops of see-through liquid. She followed the sweetly salty strings of pre cum up my shaft and began to kiss the tip. She started wanking my shaft and her kisses began to envelope the head. I could feel her tongue beginning to explore the contours of the tip. At this point I removed her hands from the shaft. She looked up and I stared intently at her as I placed both of my hands behind her ears and began to gently pull her down my shaft.

    She kept her lips sealed around me and each time that I pulled her head back towards the tip her tongue went into action lashing at the pulsing head. With each stroke I pulled her further down the shaft. At about the mid point we reached the farthest she could go without engaging her gag reflex. There we stayed for a minute but I'd noticed that she was now breathing comfortably through her nose and not removing her lips from the shaft for a second.

    As her confidence grew she looked up at me with clear eyes and I saw in her expression a determination to push on. I removed my hands from her head. If she naked women fucking was going to do this I was going to let her control the depth. She moved along the shaft and reached halfway. Her eyes winced a little but she closed them and pushed against the resistance towards the back of her throat. Her head shot backwards with a reflexive gulping motion. Her gag reflex had kicked in.