Rainbow Six Wins: Ubisoft Talks about Future Support for ps5 and Xbox Scarlett

Ubisoft’s Alex Kirpazis has recently discussed plans for long-term support through Rainbow Six Siege, one of the most popular French games with millions of active players and eSports competitions around the world. What happens when PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett come out? Will Rainbow Six Siege also be released on these new platforms? Kirpazis is […]

DCL The game, race with Thq Nordic Second Drones

Climax Studio and THQ Nordic announce DCL The Game Formerly the official video game of the Drone Champions League, the world’s premier drone racing and competition. With DCL The Game you can accelerate your drone in four different modes: Arcade (simplified control), GPS mode (for experienced players), Angle mode (with a stabilizer to increase performance) […]